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Accent MANUFACTURING Manure Management Systems

of Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada; focuses on the manufacturing and distribution of stainless steel solid / liquid separators and extractors that provide manure management solutions for agriculture and industry. Along with our inclined screen, in-channel flighted conveyors, screw presses and centrifuges we are now pleased to introduce two new products, the Accent IFRS 36 Separator and the Accent RP 36 Roller Press.

Accent IFRS 36 Manure Separators are specifically designed for large dairy operations or for pre-treatment such as thickening devices for bio-digesters and other manure management systems. The Accent IFRS 36 uses internally fed contra shear rotary screen technology to achieve capacities up to 1500 gpm. Screen size can be custom designed to fit the individual customer needs. The IFRS 36 is suitable flush dairy barns that use wood fibre, sand, straw or paper bedding materials.

The Accent RP 36 Roller Press has been developed to further dehydrate the manure solids generated by the IFRS 36 Separator. This attachment makes the IFRS 36 a stand-alone device for manure management.

The equipment can be installed into new or existing manure management systems without difficulties.

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